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I don't understand why there aren't more reviews listed here. I just discovered Dessert ejuice today. Actually about 2 hours ago! I am officially in love. So much so that I paid almost, not quite, but almost, DOUBLE the price that is on this website, for a 10 ML bottle. Of course, I wasn't aware of Leet Vape, or this website, until I got home and Googled it. I don't know that this juice could get any better! There is a strong cream taste on the inhale, then the berry pops in to say hi, but only briefly, and the vanilla cupcake is all over the exhale. Seriously, there are layers to this that I never knew was possible. I admit, I am new to the vape world, and am (WAS) still looking for my 'can't be without ADV' and I do believe I have discovered it. Thank you Leet Vape for creating the smoothest, creamiest, vape I have had to date!
Date Added: 03/18/2014 by Sheryl Martin